Starbucks cup for a buck

I’m not in love with Starbucks or its products. Yesterday, however, I strolled into a Starbucks surprise deserving of a shout-out to the ubiquitous java supplier.

Just yesterday (1-3-2013) it rolled out its tumbler for a buck. Made of recycled materials and plastic,  its designed to cut down on paper waste — of which there’s plenty, as any visit to Starbucks reveals.

It looks exactly like the “real deal” — same logo, same design, same sized sip hole. The material’s thick enough to withstand hot sudsy washes yet thin enough to conduct liquid’s heat to the hand. Oh, and the cup’s got the three lines demarcating size: tall, grande and venti.

Pretty cool methinks. And only for a single greenback! (.776 EU, .98 CAD, .995 AUD, 88.2 JPY).

Of course the longstanding policy of a dime off your bill when you bring in your own mug (Starbucks-affiliated or not) continues. In my case, nine more cuppa joes and the tumbler’ll pay for itself. After that, it’s a dime a pop free and clear.

The Starbucks cup for a buck … a hot deal …

Starbucks cup for a buck

Starbucks cup for a buck