it’s friggin’ weird all right

I emailed a friend yesterday saying it’s friggin’ weird how life goes sometimes.

Case in point: Got a call yesterday from Costco inviting me to interview in P-town. (Don’t care to disclose the name just now.) A lovely town where I’ve spent time recently and would dearly love to live. A town around 2-1/2 hours  away by car. More on the Costco moment in a moment

Then, as it happens, I also need to take the car in to fix a repair job flubbed in Colorado. The shop’s part of a nationwide chain and for warranty purposes I need to take her to the nearest site, which  happens to be P-town.

So a twofer of car repairs and interview in the town that I may one day call home.

Now to the interview. I’ve been trying to get on with Costco for years. Yes, years. Plenty of times have I said “I need to work for Costco.” I’m perfect for it. Share the same high standards of work ethics and customer service. I hold the company, its  practices and policies, in the highest respect and regard.

And I’m interviewing with them!

Here’s the rub for as Gilda Radner used to say on “Saturday Night Live,” it’s always something. There’s no set work schedule at Costco. Could be 25 hours a week, 10 or 40. No way of knowing week to week, potentially perilous and damaging to finances. On the other hand, it’s also a potential boost with sufficient hours due to a decent starting wage ($11 I believe). All things considered it’s well worth the interview and drive.

Another aspect in the friggin’ weird. I moved to this town just five weeks ago. Amid a dearth of work and very positive talk with my boss, we just (just = as of just last week) got my quantity of weekly stories up to the level discussed pre-hire and one that enables me to meet my obligations, put gas in the car and have enough left for beers.

In that order of importance. 🙂

I like my job, I love the writing. And I make little. This is no cash cow, that is certain. Fact is, the only way I can make it work is by keeping living expenses very low. Simple and minimalist (and at this time and place in my life I’m able to do so).

So that’s the scoop. Car repairs and interview occurring simultaneously and both in a town I really like. Potential job with Costco and improvement in current work situation occurring simultaneously.

What’s going on up there in the ethers I cannot say, save that it’s friggin’ weird all right.




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