Cheap fun in Kingman, AZ. (Cheap sardines too.)

It’s big. It’s huge. It’s the talk of the town.

Who’d a-thought it’d generate all this enthusiastic interest? (Well, I woulda.)

Who’d a-thought that I’d stop by, curious and excited for something to do in this, a small, town.

Whooooooooo hoooooo! Welcome to:


Yes, this brand-spanking-new 99-cent store has come to Kingman, Arizona. And it is not a bad place at all (that goes for Kingman as well).  Indeed, I was shocked when I spontaneously bopped in on the way to the bank. The place was packed! You’d think it was December 23 — minus the panic and insanity — for the folks streaming through the aisles, perusing the plethora of items, pushing carts with foods and goods sufficient to feed a family of four following a flood.  The interest and excitement in the air were palpable.

And this is what day?! Thursday mid-afternoon. Can only imagine what it looks like on a weekend!
Matter of fact, with the lines and seemingly everyone’s baskets loaded up but mine, I  was very nearly about to retreat and reshelve my puny lil’ four items and return later that night just before the store closed to (hopefully) beat the crowds when some nice person with plenty of items offered to let me go ahead.

It was just that busy and just that exciting at the 99-cent store (on an off-day yet!). I was also saying that I was shocked not only by the crowd but the store. Big, spacious, clean, organized, super nicely laid out, not all trashy like some I’ve seen, and the products … wowee, I must say. A REAL variety, from the goods you usually see in dollar stores to foods and produce. And not the yuck stuff that’s a day away from the compost pile or utterly flavorless mushy green beans from a can.

Kingman’s new 99-cent store is, I tremble to say, the best — in terms of variety, quality, presentation and value — I’ve ever seen in a dollar store. (I tremble because I speak with unintentional authority, I’ve perused just that many dollar stores across lord knows how many states, cities and small towns in my time.)

And I, your unofficial and unpaid roving reporter, was there, bringing you the news of this terrific and already well-received and popular addition to Kingman.

Life in a small town … where the entertainment’s cheap and too my cans of sardines.


4 responses to “Cheap fun in Kingman, AZ. (Cheap sardines too.)

  1. “Life in a small town … where the entertainment’s cheap and too my cans of sardines.”
    This line makes me think of the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”.

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