Full Sail into Socialism

I’m alive on the day that America died. That day yesterday, Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

It is the day that the American people chose her new “leader,” a radical leftist by the name of Barack Hussein Obama. A Muslim, a non-American to mine and thousands if not millions more suspicions, a man with an agenda. A man with a chip on his shoulder and hatred in his heart. Hatred for America.

A man with an agenda. An agenda to bring America to her knees, to bring about her capitulation as payback for all the wrongs perceived by Obama, his minions and the Democrats/liberals/progressives (now one in the same).

Americans have elected for the second time a man with a black heart of hatred for the very country that he has been chosen – by they themselves – to lead.

The world is plentiful with analyses, discussions and dissections of “what went wrong” in this election: our single opportunity to pull the country back from her tipping point.

Tipping into what? European socialism and government takeover and control of one’s very life and existence, inch by inch, regulation by regulation.

I leave those discourses to others.

I see a country that has failed. My country. America, the home of the free and the brave: in another era.

She is no more. Her shining seas are polluted by darkness and the will of the people who have chosen that darkness by their vote.

Her waving amber grains drying, withering, decrepit from lack of nourishment, absence of care.

It’s the government’s job to water the grains, not mine.

This is the new American. This is the American who has risen from the soil of indulgence — by parents, society and modern cultural mores — and entitlement. No longer are producers the majority. The takers are. The “entitlers” and the takers.

And these Americans, who do indeed now comprise the majority of Americans, see in Herr Obama a Santa Clause (as Rush Limbaugh, bless his soul, said at the top of his first show after the election and among the most important broadcasts of his career).

Americans chose THEMSELVES. Not themselves. Not others. Certainly not the country or that which is best for America.

Held upon a most vulnerable precipice for America, this election sets the course of the country not for years, neither for decades. It determines the course for generations to come. For children of our children of our children of our children of our children unborn.

We are moments away from Taxmageddon and, over time, full implementation of ObamaCare: each separately and both together designed to destroy capitalism and enterprise and “make the rich guys  pay.” Separately and united, they will make the rich poor and the poor poorer.

THIS is what Americans chose, in their utter ignorance of the designs and intents of these government takeovers.

Or: Is it ignorance?

Stupidity perhaps?

Or: selfishness?

Yes. Selfishness.  We are no longer a charitable nation, not as we were. We ARE a Nation of Takers.

Set full sail into socialism by choice. By their votes.

I was alive on the day that it transpired:

November 6, 2012.

My heart breaks.
My spirit is wearied.
Life in America as we of another generation knew it.
My generation and the many before me as Americans who were free, enterprising and prospering.

Rest in peace, America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Of the past.

Fading pages upon which such freedoms are penned, by our founders and assured by that gorgeous document called the Constitution, lifted by the winds and cast into the oblivion of uncaring and unconcern of selfishness that DOES now define America.

The gusts of socialism.